Sentient Machine Race Lore/Material for game types

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What if the "Bots" in the game are actually just a race of AI drones that have  gaind sentience through one way or another and have their own civilization scattered across universes. Some of these are friendly and ally themselves based on their own accord (bots that fill in games), Some are completely hostile and have no care about intergalactic rules. These are the ones that can sneak into a battle and mess things up, attacking both sides.(Could be a game mode where  Hostile bots spawn and attack everything.and if a main building gets destroyed that team looses)

This has been a long problem and all the other races decided they would all work together to prevent these hostile beings from causing any one  any harm. Because of this treaty almost none of these machines could do any harm outside of the big games. Though if you want to volunteer, their various pilot positions on the perimeter that see a lot of hostile action.(co op games against bots)

Corey Kearney

This is inline with my rival bots idea. I think it maybe too much to ask for each bot to be unique. However a collection of personality types and play styles would make things interesting. In keeping with the lore and the teams idea you could have a handful of bots that are a little smarter, more tactical. They could be like the MVP's of some the other teams. They don't have to be 'bots' give them a character, some backstory.

(IDK) aCRAZEDgunman

needs more lore 


this was a brief idea, i could probably write a book on this XD.
@Corey, about  your more powerful bots idea. there could be like sevral "bossess" in the world, these would be these independent drones or bots that managed to grow into a type of superintendence and have its own race that would have very similar characteristics. these beings can not be destroyed  if the main core isnt found but that is usually hidden and  these beings build their own drones to get  stuff done.

Unlike the big boss types, other sentient drones that mind their own business, trying to live or made some alliances, usually have their being/personality toed to just a few drones or a small printer that allows them to have  just one physical unite active at once.  these ones can have various personality traits that could be randomized and given to each of the bots we have named.


I would love to see this if the stretchgoal is reached!