Sticky bombs bug

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I found little bug with sticky bombs. The can "fly". 

If you stick sticky bomb to moving object (train, container, ...), the sticky bomb is on one place, but object is gone. Thats why they fly.

It works only with objects that are coded to move, that means no boxes, barels and anything affected by physics.

That mustnt be fixed by coding, just little bit change texture, add to it some thruster or something else.

Image 34

Image 35


imo even with an added effect it would look very jarring. Maybe the mines should affect physics/moving objects instead


It could be just temporary "fix" and it will be still beter than just floating sticky bomb.

Real fix should be: physics + when the object leave map, bomb will disapear with object and when object enter map bomb will spawn on it and in same position. 

I think this could be solution, but not the easiest.

But imagine moving sticky bommbs, it will be "kill farm".